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    Sample products are:


    Instant Skim Milk Powder with High Calcium & protein 1kg

    adjusted Fat in a high protein +High calcium Skim Milk powder


    Royal Jelly 1000mg365Cap (G)

    Royal Jelly 1000mg – Natural 2.2% HDA

    – the royal food for queen bee with Nutritious and healthy supplement produced by honey bees

    – Natural source of 10-HDA to control cholesterol level

    – high antioxidants

    – helps  in improvement of general well-being



    Super Joint Swelling Relief 6200mg 60Tab (G)

    • to maintain and help decrease swelling of joint and inflammation.
    • – may help to relieve pain of arthritis, rheumatism and gout.
    • – Assists in preventing fluid retention.


    Super Sleep & Stress Aid 60 Tablets (G)

    healthy sleep  with naturally formulated Super Sleep!


    Kid’s Liquid Calcium 100s Fish shape (G)

    A natural source of calcium for healthy kids’ growth of bones and teeth

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